Team Just a Guess enjoying DJ Trivia in the North Valleys at The 395

The 395 Craft Brews & Spirits humbly boasts that it’s “probably the best bar in the world.” We invite you to come visit and decide for yourself. If you are looking for a full bar with great owners, a friendly staff, 34 beers on tap and even more bottles and cans in the fridge…you won’t be disappointed. Of course, The 395 is also where you can find DJ Trivia in the North Valleys.

And when you come in on Wednesday nights you are in for quite a treat. The 395 is hands-down THE place to be in the North Valleys. North Valley residents no longer need to drive into downtown Reno to play Nevada’s favorite trivia game.

Owners Bret and Paul both brought a lot of experience, expertise, and vision with them when building The 395. They have made a good home in Golden Valley and enjoy all their new customers and the loyal customers who have made the move with them.

With fewer festivals and events around town this year, we applaud the creativity and drive found at The 395. New in fall of 2020, they have a fabulous new patio area. That’s right – you can sit outside and still play DJ Trivia! Check their facebook page for other activities and specials like chicken wing happy hours on certain days.

Be sure to mark off your calendar for Wednesday nights! Every Wednesday DJ Trivia Nevada host Anna can be found asking the tough questions and playing great tunes while your team tries to agree on an answer. Bring some friends with you and check your skills while drinking from an amazing beer selection. See you Wednesday for the most fun you will have with DJ Trivia in the North Valleys!

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