Meet the Hosts: Introducing Elgin Alway!

For this Meet the Hosts series, each team member answered a few questions about themselves and their time with DJ Trivia Nevada. Elgin began hosting DJ Trivia in February of 2015. Elgin currently hosts Sundays (5-7pm) at Shim’s Surplus and Wednesdays at The 395 (starting June 2).

What do you love about hosting DJ Trivia?

  • I love the players. Especially how excited they get while playing. I love laughter during the games. We really do have a blast at DJ Trivia.

What do you love to do when you aren’t hosting?

  • Spending time with my dogs, BBQ-ing, playing video games, and making funny sound effects for the games.

What is something you’ve learned about yourself since joining the DJ Trivia Nevada family?

  • I have had to learn to pull myself into a fun mood even if things aren’t always working right.

What is your favorite DJ Trivia memory?

Oh man. . . After 6 years we’ve had so many. I know watching a team of 1 (Rodents of Unusual Size) win first place 9 times against big teams was pretty awesome. The rare time a team gets a perfect score has been fun. I’d say maybe the best memories are when players come up after the show to tell me how much they enjoyed what I did for them.

From Vickie’s View…

Elgin was a family friend that we knew for probably five years before hiring him as a host. He definitely brings his own personality to his games!

He brought with him a variety of skills and experiences that make him a successful host. He has worked in a variety of fields from sales to bartending to standup comedy. All of those things come together to make hosting a really natural fit.

I really appreciate his dedication and his love for the game, his players, and the company as a whole.

Elgin hosting at Shims

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