Meet our DJ Trivia Nevada Community Partners!

DJ Trivia Nevada Community Partners are helping us rebuild after a challenging year and a half. In addition to our beloved venue partners we now have advertising partnerships with other fabulous local businesses.

Renoites – a podcast about all things Reno, hosted by Conor McQuivey

Many of you know Conor as a DJ Trivia host but he also does a phenomenal job as a podcast host. He started Renoites this spring and has had dozens of fantastics guests on his show. He has a pulse on what is happening in our community and we are proud to partner with him.

Cryo Queens – non invasive fat reduction & body sculpting

Cryo Queens is a newer local business located in midtown and owned by Candace Schlunegger and Whitney Canton. Candy has been a long time supporter of DJ Trivia Nevada since her days of working at The Little Waldorf when we first started there back in 2013. They have a variety of service offerings for both men and women.

Isabel Foley – Realtor

Isabel Foley is a long-time Reno resident who is passionate about helping people navigate buying and selling property. She is an active member of the community, a leader in a local Toastmasters club, and a personal friend of both Vickie and Conor. Reach out to her directly if you have questions about buying or selling.

Pineapple Pedicabs – tours & “taxi” rides in a pedicab

Pineapple Pedicabs is Reno’s only “tricycle cab” company. They offer a variety of tours in addition to ride services in midtown and downtown. That’s right! You can actually be driven home after trivia in a Pineapple Pedicab. Thank you, Jaime Chapman for bringing this unique business to our community!

Thank you to ALL of these DJ Trivia Nevada Community Partners! They are helping us fund equipment upgrades and renewed marketing efforts as we rebuild from the Covid setbacks. Please support the businesses who support us and let us continue to bring you DJ Trivia games week after week!

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