Mangia Tutto DJ Trivia regulars showing off a first place victory

Mangia Tutto DJ Trivia is also the newest DJ Trivia Nevada location in Carson City holding games every Wednesday evening. Mangia Tutto is Italian for “Eat Everything” and that is exactly what most people want to do while playing DJ Trivia this fabulous Italian restaurant and pizzeria in Carson City.

Their menu consists of Italian cuisine found in Pizzerias and Italian Restaurants throughout the Chicago-land area. Italian and Greek immigrants strongly influenced Chicago’s culinary history. This influence created flavor profiles and offerings which are unique and rarely found in other regions of the United States.

  • Owner Richard Bragiel began his culinary career back in 1992 when he opened and operated one such Chicago area pizzeria.
  • His subsequent endeavors lead him to work in both the culinary and hospitality fields throughout the United States, including Las Vegas, Arizona, Florida and Connecticut.

Mangia Tutto pays tribute to both Ike Sewell and Rudy Malnati. Both individuals are credited with the creation of the Chicago-style, “Deep Dish Pizza.” This unique offering differs from most other forms of pizza. As the name suggests, the crust is very deep creating a thick pizza that resembles a pie more than a flatbread. The crust itself is medium thickness, however; due to the hearty quantities of the finest meat, vegetables and cheeses, the pizza takes on its “Deep Dish” characteristics.

The pizza here is assembled in an “upside-down” manner. This means that the crust is first covered generously with cheese, meats & vegetables and finished with a unique sauce topped with grated parmesan cheese. This tedious, yet satisfying process does require a longer baking time. Please allow 40 minutes for us to prepare your creation.

DJ Trivia is proud to be partnering with such a fabulous pizzeria and Italian restaurant.

The food at Mangia Tutto will make you want to eat everything. Choose from a wide selection of wines and a full bar while participating in a rousing game of DJ Trivia. Join DJ Trivia Host Cameron at 7pm every Wednesday at Mangia Tutto in Carson City!

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