Lead Dog DJ Trivia team Blue Thunder celebrating a victory

What is it that makes Lead Dog DJ Trivia so popular? Is it the fantastic and unique beers they offer? The friendly bar staff? The fun atmosphere? The rowdy fun that comes with DJ Trivia, especially when Pat is hosting? We think it’s the perfect combination of all of the above.

It’s a good thing Lead Dog Brewing has a parking lot because the place is PACKED every Monday night for DJ Trivia. Don’t worry – Pat can maintain control of the game. And they haven’t run out of beer yet!

If you have been in Reno for any length of time you’ve surely seen their logo around. Lead Dog beers are on tap at many other bars and restaurants all around their region. They also have a great variety of Lead Dog clothing items for sale including hoodies, tees, beanies, and more.

While you are browsing merchandise on their storefront, be sure to check out other fun offerings. Did you know they have collars and leashes for your loyal 4-legged friends too?

If you really want to stand out at DJ Trivia, consider checking out their Brewer’s Mug Club. For only $99 a year, you get a personalized mug – etched with your name! – and discounts and exclusive offers. But really…how cool would you look walking in on trivia night with your own Lead Dog brewing mug?

Keep coming back each week and we automatically track your team’s score for league play. Maybe your team can qualify to represent Lead Dog Brewing in the playoffs or make it all the way to the next Championship!

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