DJ Trivia Las Vegas affiliates Jon and Hannah have called the Vegas Valley home for 2 years.

“When we first moved from Minneapolis, we really struggled to find our niche…it’s Vegas so there are plenty of options, but we were always dining out, spending our hard-earned dollars on entertainment options that really weren’t for locals, living like tourists and struggling to put down roots and meet other locals,” remarks Hannah. “I knew Vegas was full of people like us, we just needed to find our kind and get together.”

DJ Trivia helps create community!

When Hannah moved to Reno in 2016 she also struggled to meet people. After being invited out to trivia by a new friend, she saw the fun and community that DJ Trivia had in Reno and became a regular player. Before long, she became a host and just 10 months later, moved to Minnesota, where she met Jon.

“We were very much each other’s kind of people, we like to have fun and seek out social opportunities and activities; in a lot of ways we are like big kids,” Jon recalls of his relationship. “It was only a few months before we decided to leave the frozen winters behind and pursue a new life in Las Vegas. Since that move we’ve come to love Las Vegas and call it home.”

After a year, inspired by Northern Nevada affiliates Vickie and Craig Musni, Jon and Hannah took the plunge and brought DJ Trivia to Las Vegas. One year later, DJ Trivia Las Vegas has 4 weekly games across the valley. As business continues to grow, they have met more and more locals and loved it.

“It’s thrilling to be able to provide a service for locals like us, some with families who are looking for entertainment on a weeknight, off the strip, that isn’t smoky and is even kid-friendly. It’s what we are all about and we love being able to feature local small business and their great food and beverages.”

Play DJ Trivia and DJ Bingo weeknights around Las Vegas and enjoy local culinary creations and craft beer!

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