DJ Trivia Nevada Championship First Place Team Rainbow Delcious

DJ Trivia Nevada Championship Game

The Norther DJ Trivia Nevada Championship game took place on December 8, 2020. Hundreds of players compete in DJ Trivia games all over the area each week and scores are tracked during two 20-week league periods each year. This year, KRNV Channel 4 picked up the story!

At the end of each league period the top 3 teams from each location qualify to participate in a playoff game. Then, the top 3 teams from each playoff game go on to participate in the Championship. The Fall 2019 Championship game had just under 100 of Northern Nevada’s most loyal players face off at Silver Peak on the River.

DJ Trivia Nevada owners Vickie & Craig Musni hosted the Championship game. Several other team members came by to help out and cheer on their regular teams.

Teams compete weekly for prizes at the restaurant(s) or bar(s) where they play. For the serious players, qualifying for playoffs and making it to the Championship is always the goal. Teams compete for cash prizes, bragging rights, and the coveted Einstein trophy!

Featured here are the 2019 DJ Trivia Nevada Champions. In third place, Too Many Chefs from Piñon Bottle Sparks. In second place, Not So Punny from The Fox Brewpub in Carson City. And, the current reigning champions, team Rainbow Delicious from Beer NV in South Reno!

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