How Does the DJ Trivia League Work?

Have you heard about the DJ Trivia League? Still have questions about how it all works? Let us answer the most Frequently Asked Questions for you here.

Does it cost money to join the league?

  • No! It is always free to play and there are no fees associated with the league.

How do you track the scores?

  • Our software tracks team names and scores automatically! Just make sure you use the same team name every time you play. After you have played at the same place 3 times your scores will be available on our website.
  • Use the zip code search feature to find your location and then click the league score icon.

How can my team earn league bonus points?

  • Every time your team visits a different location on different night, tell your host where you usually play and ask for your 100 league bonus point card. The next week when you return to your home location give that card to your host and 100 points will be added to your league score.
  • To be clear…league bonus points do not affect your game score. They are added after the game and help your team’s cumulative point total.

What are the dates for the current league season?

  • The Spring League period started January 2 and runs through May 20, 2022. At the end of May the top teams from each location qualify to participate in a playoff game. Multiple playoff games happen simultaneously. Then, the top teams from each playoff game go on to compete in the Championship which is usually held in mid-June.
  • Plans are in the works to coordinate with DJ Trivia Sacramento to hold a regional championship game this summer with the top teams from both regions competing for the title of DJ Trivia Regional Champions.
Photo features DJ Trivia League Champions for Fall 2021, Eric & the Nickelbacks
from Piñon Bottle Sparks