DJ Trivia Fallon team Victorious Secret celebrating a win

What is Telegraph Coffee & Tap?
A. A quality coffee shop
B. A local bar with a variety of craft beers
C. Home to the longest running DJ Trivia game in Fallon
D. All of the above

You guessed it- D!!! DJ Trivia Fallon was started at Telegraph Coffee & Tap. Telegraph is truly one of our most remarkably unique  venue partners in Nevada. They are brimming with premium specialty coffees by day, and excellent craft beers by night.

Besides DJ Trivia, what makes Telegraph in Fallon so special?

Telegraph Coffee & Tap is a specialty coffeehouse and bar located in Fallon, Nevada.  They source all of their coffees from micro-lots in South America, Africa, and Indonesia, roasting on a San Franciscan SF-25 roaster that was built here in Fallon!  They roast to bring out the optimal flavors in their coffees, highlighting the processing and coffee-region.

Telegraph cares about where their coffee is sourced, how it is roasted, and about preparing it to high standards.  Telegraph Coffee & Tap aims to help their employees succeed and support the community.  They function as a hub for locals to gather and enjoy live entertainment and events; they always have something going on! 

Thursday nights are especially fun when Whitney is hosting DJ Trivia. The whole room is full of music, laughter, cheers, along with the occasional “groan” when a team guesses an answer incorrectly. We invite you to join us for the fun each week. In addition to having a great time, you might win a prize, and maybe even qualify to represent Telegraph Coffee & Tap in the Northern Nevada DJ Trivia playoffs this season!

DJ Trivia Nevada loves partnering with great local businesses like Telegraph. Whether it’s a craft beer or a creamy latte, Telegraph Coffee & Tap strives for quality, consistency, and excellence. Come see us soon!

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