Chica’s Bar in Sparks is the newest home to DJ Trivia Nevada. Chica’s is a fabulous new bar in Sparks that also serves food. Chica and her husband Jason opened the bar in summer of 2020 and recently started having DJ Trivia there on Mondays.

DJ Trivia Nevada owners Vickie & Craig Musni were instant fans not just of the bar, but also of Chica and her husband Jason. This week there were 10 teams at trivia on Monday; half knew the bar but had never played DJT before, and half were players who had never been to Chica’s before.

One of the winning teams for Trivia at Chica's Bar

Vickie calls this a perfect night. “Our business exists to partner with other local businesses. Seeing another family owned business having a fantastic night is our whole goal. After such a challenging year for everyone, seeing success like this warms my heart.”

Situated at the Gateway to Victorian Square, Chica’s is easy to get to. They also have a parking lot which makes it even easier to access. Conor, a seasoned DJ Trivia host, is the one you will see week after week when you come in on Mondays to play.

Some of the food options while you play trivia at Chica's bar in Sparks

Be sure to ask about any specials they have or new additions to the menu. Whether you want a margarita and tacos, or hot wings and a beer, they’ve got you covered. We’ll see you Monday for DJ Trivia at Chica’s Bar in Sparks!

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